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The LAA Adoption Advice forum is a complete adoption resource that helps people looking to adopt both from Florida and nationwide in finding the right information quickly. Browse our FAQ below and check back soon for our adoption forum.

Choosing to adopt a child is a major life decision requiring much forethought and planning. We are here to provide you with support in making your decisions and with a place that you can feel comfortable discussing the issues that surround adoption. Whilst this site is dedicated to the specifics of adoption in Florida, it also aims to be the informational focal point of your journey through adoption in general. Whether you’re a potential adoptive parent, an adult adoptee or a pregnant individual considering an adoption service, the information and forum here will make you feel welcome to ask questions or join in with the discussion.

Adoption Process In Florida

In Florida, adoption is a fluid process that will vary from case to case. All prospective parents in Florida undertake a ‘Model Approach To Partnerships In Parents’ (MAPP) course that takes approximately 10 weeks. In addition to this, background checks and medicals take place along with home suitability visits. You shouldn’t expect the whole process of preparing for adoption to take more than a year and often it will be much quicker. However, the time it takes to be matched with an adoptee will of course differ from family to family and from adoptee to adoptee. In general the law in Florida is extremely pro-adoption and is designed to make the process both efficient and successful for families and adoptees alike.

Private Adoption in Florida

There are also many private adoption agencies in Florida, which may or may not offer shorter lead times for adoptive parents and a more engaging process as well as, in some cases, the chance to adopt a child of a younger age. Some parents who choose to put their children up for adoption for a variety of reasons will choose to use a private agency, as they often offer more choice surrounding the terms of the adoption, for example continued contact with their child.

Babies & Infants Up For Adoption In Florida

Children of all ages are adopted in Florida. Whilst indeed around 30% of children waiting to be adopted are under the age of six, you should be prepared for the fact that there are often much longer lead times (sometimes several years or more) when looking to adopt babies or infants due to a higher demand for adoption – of course many parents looking to adopt are unable to naturally have a baby of their own. However there countless success stories of adopting children at an older age. Around 50% of adoption cases are from families who first fostered the adoptee.

Jobs In Adoption Agencies

Working for an adoption agency can be extremely rewarding. Both the adoptive family and the adoptee’s lives can be changed dramatically for the better. Whilst there many varying roles within an agency, including healthcare, social work and even law, holding a position in an adoption agency is also a great responsibility, as there are many challenging scenarios and difficult decisions that must be made.


What is the cost of adoption in Florida?

As a state service, there are no direct fees for adopting in Florida, although there may be some small legal fees to pay to complete the process. Of course, if you choose to adopt privately, the fees could be substantial, likely ranging dramatically from agency to agency.

How long does it take to adopt a child in Florida?

Adoption in Florida can be processed as quickly as 4 months but you should expect it to take no longer than a year. Sometimes private agencies can help to move the process along more quickly.

What is the quickest way to adopt in Florida?

There is no hard and fast ‘quickest’ way to adopt a child in Florida. The time it takes to adopt varies. Since every adoptive family and every adoptee are different, the time taken preparing families for adoption and matching families with adoptees can be unpredictable.

How do you go about adopting a child?

Make sure you read and absorb as much information as possible about adoption and fostering and all of the options open to you and your family by using the information and forums on this website and talking to friends and family you may know who have been the adoptive party. You will find many like-minded people using the forums here from all sides of the adoption process. To begin the adoption process, you can either contact your state adoption service or go to any number of private adoption agencies, depending on the laws in your state.

Can I adopt my partner’s child?

The laws around adopting a partner or ex-partner’s child can be complicated and once again, they vary from state to state. Certainly in Florida it is possible to adopt your partner’s child under the right conditions. Indeed, it is also possible in most states in the USA and there are some similar considerations that are constant across these states. The simplicity of an adoption of a partner’s child will depend greatly on the circumstances of the adoption. Factors include but are not limited to; if you are living with your partner; the adoptee’s wishes; any medical issues that may make it necessary or preferable for you to adopt your partner’s child. Some grey areas can also present themselves involving cases of neglect or abuse that usually involve an attorney. If all parties are not in agreement, this kind of adoption can be a stressful process for everyone involved.

Can you adopt a child for free?

The laws and fees around adoption are different from state to state. Please contact your state adoption service to clarify this. As mentioned previously, in Florida there are no direct fees.

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